About Us

Ascia is an IT services company, specialized on Enterprise Systems, established in 2016. Being officially juvenile, Ascia stands on the shoulders of more than 20 years of experience from its founders. Therefore, we can already exhibit a large set of success stories, and we quickly rose to the trust of a significant number of clients and partners.

And that’s the word that distinguishes us: Trust. That’s the mark we want to leave. Clients come and go for all organizations. But we want long term relationships. And clients rely on who they trust. Our clients know that we can deliver. Our clients know that we put our resources on the field to achieve what we committed.
Ascia targets its services around Entrerprise Management Systems, such as, Enterprise Resource Planning or Decision Support.


What we have to offer

One thing we are clear: our services scope are often established by our clients. Within the boundaries of our competence, it’s a fact our clients keep challenging us and we are constantly evolving and adapting.

Nevertheless, our services can be grouped as following:

Our team

Our team is a blend of experienced professionals and ambitious youths.

We always try to put the right balance between a serious analysis and study of the matters we are trusted with, and the passion to deliver results.

Every member of our team is continuously under training, improving skills on the functional level, as well incrementing the capacity to clear understand client requirements and what steps need to be taken to fulfill its needs.

We recognize knowledge is not static and we want to be one step ahead, bringing value to our clients. Scrool down if you want to join our team!


Our job is a challenge.

We are driven by the passion to help our clients achieve their targets, optimal results. At Ascia, we are constantly being challenged and we learn from that, and put that learning at the service of our clients.

If you are in tune with these values and want to be part of our team please fill in the form bellow and attach your cv.

Talk to us.

If you want to schedule a meeting or request more info about our services, please call us or fill the form belloe and will get back to you.

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